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I am so excited you are here!

There is so much on offer for you and I look forward to helping you get the most out of this Membership because – it’s amazing! 

We are all super busy and so I’ve made it super easy to get you started. If you need any help on the way, just click the SUPPORT TICKET button below for help – we are a click away!

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The Overview

Hi, I’m Scarlett Vespa and Founder of Mrs V. I have created a video to give you a quick snapshot of the Membership, how to start and make the most out of your membership. Below I’ve also mapped out Step 1 to 6 to get set up. Enjoy and Welcome!

step 1

Community Profile

You are now part of our own social community. So jump in and set up your profile and introduce yourself. Just click link below and take a look around, it’s super intuitive.

step 2

Group Coaching

We have weekly coaching, so we want you to schedule in your calendar. Just click the link below to find out when the Zoom sessions are with Mrs V.

step 3

Join our Facebook Group

Yes we have our own social platform but we also know that so many are on Facebook, so until we settle fully into our own platform, we will be using both. Make sure you join here as we will be doing lives and coaching tips and experts here as well.

step 4

Use our Resources

We have incredible free and members only resources. Worksheets, meditations, templates, software advice – which also is all part of our courses but you have access here!

step 5

Follow our Instagram

Follow our Instagram @mrsvofficial because share things we don’t on other platforms, including we do member shoutouts and giveaways!

step 6

& Finally Start a Course!

So now it’s time to start one of our courses! Totally recommend Finding Your Purpose because it looks at all aspects of your life. Again reach out if you have any questions and yay! See you in the coaching!